Hoffman Arc S45 Trafimet Style Plasma Torch

45 Amp

Part Number: S45

Hoffman Arc 45 Amp Trafimet Style S45 Plasma Torch


The Hoffman ArcS45 Torch Trafimet Style,  is ideal for working with the HoffmanArc Plasma Saw 45. It has the particularity that it is composed of several consumable elements such as: electrode (cutting arc initiator), nozzle holder for the torch, torch tip . We emphasize that this torch is used with the aforementioned equipment, consisting of its components to perform the work with plasma (cuts), therefore, the air compressor is essential to perform these jobs. It is important to mention that by giving it the right use we extend the life of the consumables, as is the case of the separation between the torch and the piece to be cut, which varies between 1 / 16¨ to 1 / 8¨ inch.