Welding Machine

Verzet Ac/Dc 400/300

Part Number: 401-171
Data Sheets3

The welding machine Ac / Dc 400, was developed with two functions Ac it is much more flexible to use, handling welding is made of stainless steel, medium carbon steel and aluminum. With Dc is used for welding of variety of low carbon steel and low alloy steel.


With first-class technology, composed of a welding arc transformer type movable iron, a rectifier and a reactor. It stands out for its compact structure, low noise, easy maintenance.

Included with the Unit: Welding Machine AC / DC 380 Amp. Single-phase transformer. Cable (3m) with electrode holder and dynse connector, cable (3m) with earth clamp and dynse connector.

The soldering materials are: steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, bronze, copper, manganese, aluminum (in electrodes).

Process: Electrode / Scratch Start Tig


Applicable for medium and heavy industrial repairs. Used in construction, boilers, container manufacturing, metallurgical industry.



Input Power Source

1 Phase AC230V 60Hz

Rated Input Power (KVA)

AC:78.2 / DC:62.5

Capacitancia de Entrada Nominal (KVA)


Welding Current Range (A)

80-400 AC /60-300 DC

No-load Voltage  (V)

AC:70 / DC:62

Nominal Output Voltage(V)

AC:36 / DC:32

Rated Duty Cycle  (100 %)

AC:35% / DC:35%

Rated Duty Cycle 10min 35% (A)

AC:400 / DC:300

Rated Duty Cycle 10min 60% (A)

AC:305 / DC:229

Rated Duty Cycle 10min 100% (A)

AC:236 / DC:178

Protection Class


Insulation class


Weight (Kg)