Welding Machine

Lassen 200

Part Number: 401-101
Data Sheets3

The 200 amp single-phase inverter welding machine, is state-of-the-art automatic servo control technology that covers welding process demands to a large extent and in a very reliable way, guarantees an excellent quality weld.

The frequency of the inverter is 20 Khz, which reduces the volume and weight of the welding machine. Great reduction of loss of magnetic resistance, improving the efficiency of the welder and the effect of saving energy.


The advanced SMC technology (Servo Motion Control) covers the demands of welding technology to a large extent and in a very reliable way, ensuring a welding seam of excellent quality.

The start of Easy Arc, has as an advantage less splash, stable current and good conformation.

Included with the Unit: 200 Amp Single Phase Inverter Welding Machine. Cable (3m) with electrode holder and dynse connector, cable (3m) with earth clamp and dynse connector.

The soldering materials are: electrodes in carbon steel and stainless steel electrodes, iron, copper and bronze.

Process: Electrode / Scratch Start TIG


Efficiency, energy saving, portable, stable arc, high voltage, no load and with good compensation in terms of ARC force.

They are capable of meeting various welding requirements.

Input Voltage (V)  1 Phase  AC230±15%  50/60HZ
Rated Input Power (KVA)9.4
Rated Input Current (A)41
Welding Current Range (A)10~200
No-load Voltage  (V)70
Rated Duty Cycle lmax (40°C)30%
Rated Duty Cycle 100% (40°C)110A
Rated Duty Cycle 60% (40°C)145A
Efficiency (%)85
Power factor0.70
Protection classIP21S
Insulation classF
Electrode Diameter (mm)1.6~4.0
Size (mm)372 x 150 x 220
Weight (Kg)8.2