Hard Coating G18 Stick Electrode Hoffman Arc

HART 3/16 (4.8mm) X 14″

Part Number: 6009924

The Hoffman Arc electrode for hard coatings on new or worn parts of steel, manganese or sweet iron. Use on parts or components subjected to high abrasion. Deposits with high hardness from the first bead, supports up to three layers of easy application because of its austenitic base and smooth arc.


• This product is very easy to apply and is used in construction, in crushing and sand and rock movement machinery, to recover, protect and give more time to the equipment of this class.

• In the industry in general, it is suitable in a large number of typical cases of wear by severe abrasion and medium impact, as an example, sand or abrasive materials mixers, cutters, mills and extrusion equipment, etc.

• It is used as a final layer on other coatings or welding mattresses.


Diameter (Inches): 3/16
Diameter (mm): 4.80